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As an ICT student or professional, you need to solve all kind of ICT challenges. Answering the questions and tackling the problems or opportunities of your ICT project requires research and often a combination of various ICT research methods. The toolkit on this website offers you a set of possible research methods and a framework to select the appropriate (combination of) methods.

Make sure to combine strategies to tackle trade-offs between overview and certainity, and between expertise and fit. Also think of mixing methods that are more data- or inspiration oriented. The Research Pattern Navigator helps you to combine strategies.

In most cases, every phase of your project requires research. An example of phasing and possible methods can be found here. You can also start at this list of methods ordered by research strategy.

Note that a physical copy of the card set can be obtained from Studie Bijdehand.

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This website and the card set have been realised as, and are maintained by, HBO-i projects.


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