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Many research projects can be described in terms of one or more research patterns: each pattern is a combination of research strategies. What questions do you want to answer? Check the table below to find matching research patterns.

Question Pattern flow Pattern
  • How do I get a grasp on what the stakeholders really want?
  • How can I help the stakeholders get clear what they really want?
ClarifyFocusAndScope.png Clarify focus and scope
  • How do I develop a deep enough understanding of the context using available work?
Solidify.png Solidify
  • How do I monitor the quality of my solution?
Validate.png Validate
  • How do I choose the right technologies for my project?
ChooseFittingTechnology.png Choose fitting technology
  • How can I ensure the product meets the needs of the stakeholders throughout the project?
RealiseAsRequired.png Realise as required
  • How do I develop a solution that is more generally applicable than just for my immediate stakeholders?
  • How do I develop a state-of-the-art solution that meets professional requirements?
  • How do I develop something using technologies or techniques that I don’t know yet?
RealiseAsAnExpert.png Realise as an expert