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How to cite

If you want to refer to the physical card set, please use this citation:

Bonestroo, W.J., Meesters, M., Niels, R., Schagen, J.D., Henneke, L., Turnhout, K. van (2018): ICT Research Methods. HBO-i, Amsterdam. ISBN/EAN: 9990002067426. Available from:


This website, all of its contents and the physical Methods pack have been realised as, and are maintained by HBO-i projects.

Method cards

The Method cards (except the domain specific cards) were written by:

  • Wilco Bonestroo
  • Marcel Meesters
  • Ralph Niels
  • Jan Dirk Schagen
  • Koen van Turnhout

All Method cards were illustrated by:

  • Laura Henneke

Research patterns

The Research patterns were written by:

  • Tom Langhorst
  • Marcel Meesters
  • Ralph Niels
  • Danny Plass

Machine learning methods

The texts regarding the Machine learning domain and the Machine learning method cards were written by:

  • Petra Heck
  • Jeroen Linssen
  • Ralph Niels